My Furry Kiddos!

About Me

​​My name is Megan Anderson, owner of Pampered Pet Nanny.

In September 2013, I graduated from Harrison College with my Veterinary Technology degree. I was employed at Pampered Pet Nanny for a year and took over as owner in February 2015. This business is a long time dream of mine and I feel very privileged for it to be a part of my life. 

I am married to my husband Nick and have a daughter named Abigail. I also have twelve furry children Ein, Val,Mal, Grohl, Peggy Sue, Cid, Neo, Trinity, Penny Lou, Piper, Pom Pom and Smee.

I look forward to meeting you and your furry kiddos!

Meet our staff:​​​​

Ein, Mal, Domino, Val, Cid, Peggy Sue, Grohl, Kiedis, Belle and Arya

​Not pictured: Neo, Trinity, Penny and Piper, Pom Pom, Smee, Thatch

Stephanie Thomas- Resort Manager

Kaitlyn Goad- Resort kennel technician

Caitlin Williams- Resort kennel technician

Emilee Shiver- Resort kennel technician